Assignment for HelloSanya 2018, Hainan island, CHINA.
Images taken from my photography series exhibited in Hainan as part of the larger Hello Sanya 2018 art show. Hello Sanya invited 30 foreign photographers to explore the island for a couple days and shoot some of the major attractions of the area. After this, some were selected to be displayed during the last month of 2018, during the first edition of Hello Sanya!
These photographs are available for sale. Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information on print sizes and prices.


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Tschüss! A farewell roll
July 12, 2020

SHANGHAI 2020. Bye bye Marco! Scans from a roll of Kodak gold 200 shot at my friend's compound in Shanghai, as a farewell gift. He told me he felt attached to this place and vibes. He wished ...

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SH Stargazing
June 26, 2020

SHANGHAI, 2020. "SH Stargazing": First shoot produced by my talented friend Suann! Thanks to Olga for styling, Kylie and Coco for the make up and hair, Loyal and ShingEr for the posing and d...

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Stretching for meaning
June 18, 2020

SHANGHAI, 2020. "Flexible essence": How we can reconnect with our own body and find balance, by just experiencing its flexibility. A very quick session in the studio with YongZhenFu, shooting...

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Back in the pink studio!
June 17, 2020

SHANGHAI, 2020. A last minute full TFP day of beauty photoshoot, creation and studio fun in Shanghai, with MUA Elizabeth, models Marjorie and Marina, photographers Mattias and I, and Suann an...

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