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Want to learn photography?

Tired of Auto-mode? Do you want to shoot and edit your photos like a professional? Are you curious to learn more about composition, experiment with colors, take your technique and images to the next level?

Book your class now!

I offer a full course on photography, packed with pro tips, personalized challenges and practice sessions, made for student of all levels. You will learn everything from photography theory and camera basics to advanced shooting and editing techniques. I also offer several specialty courses for more seasoned photographers, such as underwater/diving photography, intro to studio, advanced editing, etc…

I adapt my content and teaching to each student, and take into account the specifics of your equipment, your goals, and the style of photography you are most interested in. My classes are interactive, dynamic and fun! Don’t hesitate to ask for more information, or request a quotation. Here are some examples of what you’ll learn:

Photography basics
Course outline
What is photography, exposure, and a “stop”?
Overexposed vs Underexposed
How to read a histogram
How to consciously expose your images
Editing workflow
Course outline
Demonstration of a full editing workflow in Lightroom or Capture One
Every tool explained
Live session
WB & Color temperature
Course outline
What’s color temperature?
White balance modes and when to use them
Getting creative with warm/cold tones
White Balance in post-production
Underwater photography
Course outline
Preparing your camera/equipment for a dive
Underwater specifics for settings, exposing and focusing
Custom white balance and colors
Editing and retouching underwater images
Practice sessions on land AND underwater (photography dives. Optional)
Colors & Grading
Course outline
Color schemes and the order of colors
Cultural references
Hue, Saturation and Luminance: The 3 dimensions of color
Intro to studio
Course outline
Studio process
“Controlled lighting”
Practice with studio equipment
Camera basics
Course outline
The different types of cameras and how to choose
Understanding what goes on inside cameras and how it affects your images
Mastering YOUR camera
The exposure triangle
Course outline
Shutter speed
How to expose properly…
…And get creative!
Course outline
The importance of composition in story telling
A review of the many composition rules…
… and how to break them!
Composition challenge
Handling & positioning
Course outline
Positioning, angling: The impact on your image and the story it tells
Handling your camera and equipment

Why choose me?


I have experience in many different disciplines (portraiture, travel, commercial, architecture…)

TAILORed approach

The courses will be personnalized for you. Your current level, goals, equipment, interests…


The courses include visual quizzes, hands-on sessions & challenges, and practice to keep it fun!


I will fit your schedule and make sure you learn in optimal conditions, whether in a 1-on-1 or group setting.


Words from students

This course revolutionized my underwater photography. Niko taught me how to use my camera's custom WB and straight out of the water, my photos were nearly color perfect. Additionally, we went on a dive together and he picked out things to shoot and he corrected my angle, composition, technique, on the spot. It was excellent. I gained the confidence that I needed to turn off Auto mode and play with f-stops, shutter speed, etc… Even better was post-dive production. The essence of the course was all about what I wanted to gain from it. Niko customized the content based on my interests. I highly recommend taking a one-on-one course with him, you will see immediate improvement in your photographs!

Eileen Council

Underwater Photography course
I have taken the basic and complete course of Niko, starting from scratch to learn about photography up to some knowledge about colors management and editing. Now I better handle topics like the ISO, shutter speed, aperture...and it makes a real difference in the result of the photos I desire to take, as I use now the manual mode (no more automatic!). Besides, the most important tip I remember from his course is that you should never stop from training your composition skill! And that's what I'm trying to do (thanks Niko!), I shoot every time i see an interesting scene in a way to make it beautiful and harmonious in order to continue to improve my photography.

Claire H.

Full 10 chapters course
My previous editing skills with Photoshop were not enough to adapt with my creative activity. I am so impressed with how far I have come since I am working with Niko’s courses. They especially gave me a better understanding of the histogram that is now much more coherent to me. I also always enjoyed the time spent bringing theory into real practice. Thanks Niko and keep it up!

Suann T.

Editing & Retouching course
Taking Niko’s photo editing course has been one of the best complimentary skills to add on to my Advanced open water diving certificate. He has taught me vital terms such as stops (exposure), RAW files, and so much more. I definitely could not edit as well as I can today without Niko and I thank him greatly for his amount of effort that he puts into teaching me.

Natasha Grabner

Editing & Retouching course

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