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Tschüss! A farewell roll
July 12, 2020

SHANGHAI 2020. Bye bye Marco! Scans from a roll of Kodak gold 200 shot at my friend's compound in Shanghai, as a farewell gift. He told me he felt attached to this place and vibes. He wished he could have a little memory to keep of that place, so I tried my best to document it with some photos! Thanks Marco for the fun times in Shanghai, and Jiading. I wish the best to you and Andrea for your next adventure in Switzerland and hope to see you soon ...

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SH Stargazing
June 26, 2020

SHANGHAI, 2020. "SH Stargazing": First shoot produced by my talented friend Suann! Thanks to Olga for styling, Kylie and Coco for the make up and hair, Loyal and ShingEr for the posing and dance moves, and Suann for putting it all together. Dancing and hip hop themed project, inspired by visuals from rap artists like Travis Scott, and classic video games such as Grand Theft Auto. Set up by Suann and shot at his studio at Yedao.

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Stretching for meaning
June 18, 2020

SHANGHAI, 2020. "Flexible essence": How we can reconnect with our own body and find balance, by just experiencing its flexibility. A very quick session in the studio with YongZhenFu, shooting basic stretching positions. She is a talented balance, movement and deep stretching coach in Shanghai, using advanced techniques to help people gain flexibility fast. If you want to get in touch, here is her Wechat: yongzhenfly.

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Back in the pink studio!
June 17, 2020

SHANGHAI, 2020. A last minute full TFP day of beauty photoshoot, creation and studio fun in Shanghai, with MUA Elizabeth, models Marjorie and Marina, photographers Mattias and I, and Suann and Kizito for BTS and lighting/assisting. Thanks to everyone involved for the energy, effort and trust! I set up this shooting space a couple of years back for my friend Elisa, in her fashion showroom. I have been using it for photoshoots ever since. But rec...

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Product shootout
June 3, 2020

SHANGHAI, 2020. A full day of shooting products at Mattias' little home studio in Shanghai! I found some random things around my apartment and brought them over to his. We then spent the day shooting and playing with lights and compositions. Mattias proposed to select and edit our favorites on our own, post the final results online and compare where it took us! Images coming soon.

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Film is not dead
April 12, 2020

SHANGHAI, 2020. Shooting a roll of Fuji C200 in the streets of the French concession, with Wenny and my Minolta X700. It had been 16 years since the last time I shot film, with my sister in Paris! I tried to experiment with multi-exposures, but it is going to take (much) more practice to get the results I'm aiming for.

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